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Our definition of a montage.

A montage is, in the terms of a photomontage, a collection of images, digital or photographic, processed to gain a composite photograph by joining and blending into one image. These images can be variable in size and artistic in the presentation of.

What we offer.

We offer two types of montages, a Timeline Montage and an Artistic Montage.

The Timeline Montage.

Montage Individual photos

Above: A selection of photographs to be used in the timeline montage

The theme of the timeline montage is to design an image where the main subject follows a timeline of young to old, or a project that has a start and finish.  It can also be a progressive image that portrays the succession of an individual or family, for example, the customer is 30 something and he wants a picture where images of his granddad leads to his own father, then to him and perhaps finishing with his own son.

It is a timeline of the male side of the customer’s family and counts for four generations in one photo, remembered together forever, as these types of photos do tend to mean more than a bunch of snap shots in a drawer.  It is, in a way, immortalising the individuals as being important to the family and, as such, tend to be forever in thoughts and remembered.


Laura Berry "Mum" by Cliff Manners

Above: The finished timeline montage using some of the above photographs, 16 photographs in total


60th Wedding Anniversary Montage by Cliff Manners

The most popular type of timeline montages gifted as presents.

The Artistic Montage.

These images can be produced from anything that forms an interest; the most popular tend to be cars, bikes, planes, places of interest and families.

Do to the artistic nature of these images, they generally require little input from the customer and it isn’t until the proofing stage that the customer has some idea as to how the final image will look; it is at this point that the customer's opinion will be sought and therefore influence the final image prior to printing.

DHL Boeing 757 By Cliff Manners

Airplanes are a popular subject for an artistic montage.

How to commission a montage?

Pricing of timeline montages tend to be carried out on an individual basis due to the number of photographs supplied, the condition of the photos and how much editing is required to blend them together, but, to give an idea, they tend to start from £99 with the average being £149.

Artistic montages start at £120 with images being used supplied by the customer.  If you require us to photograph the item then there will be an additional charge for this service.

If you would like to commission a montage then please click here, fill in the form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements or simply call us on 01793 855127 of course you can just text MONTAGE to 07768 895009


What subjects are good for a Timeline Montage?

Wedding Anniversaries.

The most popular timeline is the wedding anniversaries.  A very special present for your loved ones to celebrate any of the landmark anniversaries.  All we need is a collection of photographs of the original wedding and a few landmark photos right up to the latest one you have, perhaps even have them visit our studio to have a picture taken professionally to complete the Timeline Photograph.  

Poor or damaged photographs can still be considered for inclusion so don't worry if you're struggling to find the older pictures and don't forget these pictures will last for over 200 years, so will become a great treasure for future generations of the family and remembered visually as well as spoken.



Celebrate their 18th or 21st birthday with a Timeline Montage of their life so far, maybe from birth to present day and include the pictures that are major landmarks in their lives, perhaps school start dates, Christmas presents that proved to be the favourites of all times, pets, etc. 

Of course the Timeline Montage could be for any age, even the older customers like the timeline of 50 years etc.



Another favourite is a Timeline Montage of that loved and special friend that was such a major part of your family life. Of course, the very much loved pet doesn't have to pass away to celebrate their life on your wall.  Don't forget, we can take up to date photographs in our studio to complete the timeline to present day.


Your Home.

Perhaps you have had a major building project carried out on your home and have taken a collection of photographs of its transformation to what it is today. These arranged in a timeline would look great in the home and be a fine conversation point for when visitors come round.


Car History

A Timeline Montage for that special person in your family tracing his or her cars right from the very first one to the pride and joy sat on their driveway today. Of course it does not have to be cars, it could be motorbikes, musical instruments or a collection of items that have been sourced over the years ... the list is endless.